Mini-Howto Install Quantian v - Cluster Diskless Nodes v1.0

This mini-howto is for to install Quantian into harddisk and to make a cluster with diskless nodes, booting from DVD image or hd filesystem at master node.
  1. Setting the master
  2. Install Quantian to hard disk
  3. Setting the system to have nodes running with Quantian DVD image
  4. Setting the system to run nodes with their filesystem
  5. Other changes

  1. Setting the master
    1. Boot the master with Quantian DVD with
      knoppix 2
      expert 2
      if you have problems with the hardware.
    2. When Quantian boot, run at prompt
      /etc/init.d/openmosixcollector stop
    3. Make the hard disk partitions
      cfdisk /dev/hda
      For example:
      Partition Mount Point Size
      /dev/hda1 / (rest)
      /dev/hda2 swap 1 x size of RAM
      /dev/hda3 /nodes 10Gb
      (others) ... ...
    4. Reboot
    5. Run 1.b step one more time
    6. Optional. Check partitions with
      fdisk -lu /dev/hda
    7. Format the partitions
      mkfs_ext3 /dev/hda1
      mkswap    /dev/hda2
      mkfs_ext3 /dev/hda3
      or use mkfs_reiserfs.
    8. Optional: If you like to have nodes with NO Quantian DVD image
      mount /mnt/hda3
      cp -va /KNOPPIX/* /mnt/hda3
  2. Install Quantian to hard disk
    1. Run
      init 5
      to get into the graphic environment
    2. Install Quantian to hard disk
      1. Run a Konsole term
      2. Run the knoppix-installer command
      3. Into knoppix-installer, configure the installation process:
        • Press 'Ok'
        • Select '1' to configure the installation
        • Select 'debian' system
        • Install to /dev/hda1
        • ext3 or reiserfs
        • Write complete name of user
        • Write name of user
        • Write password of user
        • Write password of root
        • Write name of machine
        • Select 'mbr' or 'partition'
      4. Save the configuration to file 'config.txt' and exit of knoppix-installer
      5. Edit the 'config.txt' file. For example
        joe config.txt
        and make these changes
        • If you make reiserfs partitions, check this line exist:
        • Others changes
          SERVICES="kdm ssh samba"
      6. Save the file and exit of editor
      7. Run knoppix-installer
      8. Select 4. 'Load configuration', write 'config.txt'
      9. Select 2. 'Installation'. Wait to finish...
    3. Make changes to the first partition
      1. Mount and enter into first partition
        mount /mnt/hda1
        cd /mnt/hda1
      2. Optional. If you like to use the MFS filesystem, run
        mkdir mfs
      3. Edit the /etc/fstab file
        joe etc/fstab
        and add these lines
        /dev/hda1  /       ext3   defaults         0  0
        /dev/hda2  swap    swap   defaults         0  0
        /dev/hda3  /nodes  ext3   defaults         0  0
        Change ext3 for reiserfs if you format the partitions with this filesystem.
        If you will to use MFS filesystem, add this line also
        mfs        /mfs    mfs    dfsa=1           0  0
        Check other partitions and filesystem (cdrom, cdwriters, etc), save the file and exit of the editor
      4. Make the mount point of nodes
        mkdir nodes
        Make other mount points if you like.
      5. Reboot without the Quantian DVD. You have now a running Knoppix system
    4. Modify the openmosix behavior
      joe /etc/default/openmosix
      Edit the lines
      AUTODISCIF=eth0  # The ether of you local network
      MFS=yes          # If you will use mfs
      Save and exit
    5. Modify the rest of system
      joe /etc/network/interfaces
      joe /etc/resolv.conf
      joe /etc/hosts
    6. Reboot
    7. Check your ID node map
      now you have a cluster.
  3. Setting the system to have nodes running with Quantian DVD image
    1. Edit the script that run the terminal server
      joe /etc/init.d/knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver
      Make these changes
      • Line 109: /cdrom to $CDROM_STATIC
      • Line 332: cloop to cloop*
      • Line 723: modify the regular pattern of awk to /^\/dev\/[hs]d[a-z]/
      • Line 298: insert the line
        /etc/init.d/ssh restart
      Save and exit.
    2. Insert the Quantian DVD and mount it: mount /cdrom
    3. Run the setup of openmosix server
      knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver setup
      • Set local interface
      • IP range
      • Select 'new disk'. The script look into /etc/fstab to search partitions.
      • Select the partition of /nodes mount point.
      • The script will make the copy of Quantian DVD image to /nodes and a symbolic link /diskless to /nodes/knoppix-cdrom
      • Select the drivers of ether cards of nodes
      • Select other options, like no 'secure'
      • Start the terminal server
      Now you can boot other nodes with PXE and running from Quantian DVD image stored at /nodes partition.
    4. If you have problems booting nodes with PXE, run at master node
      cd /usr/share/knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver/templates/miniroot/
      cp linuxrc linuxrc.old
      joe linuxrc
      and make these changes:
      • Line 431. Search the rm -rf line. Below it, insert
                /etc/default/openmosix \
      • Line 439. Before the if line insert
        cp -a /KNOPPIX/etc/default/openmosix /etc/default
        cat <<EOF >> /etc/default/openmosix
      Save and exit. Run
      /etc/init.d/knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver stop
      /etc/init.d/knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver start
      to test the new configuration. Restart the nodes.
  4. Setting the system to run nodes with their filesystem at master node
    1. Before, Do you make the copy at 1.h step? If not, boot the master node with Quantian disk and go to 1.h step
    2. If you edited the linuxrc file at 3.d step, restore it to the old version
      cd /usr/share/knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver/templates/miniroot/
      cp linuxrc.old linuxrc
    3. Edit
      joe /etc/init.d/knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver
      and make this change
      • Line 445, the ln -s line. Comment it and append this below
        ln -sf /nodes /diskless
      Save and exit
    4. Edit
      joe /usr/share/knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver/templates/miniroot/linuxrc
      and make these changes
      • Line 249. Search "${NFSDIR}" /cdrom > /dev/null 2>&1 line and change /cdrom to /KNOPPIX
      • Line 310. Search FOUND_KNOPPIX="" line. Make these changes
        #if test -f /cdrom/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX
        echo -n "${CRE} ${GREEN}Accessing KNOPPIX CDROM image at ${MAGENTA}$NFSDIR${GREEN}...${NORMAL}"
      • Line 325. Search the $INSMOD /modules/cloop*.o line and comment this and the next lines.
      Save and exit.
    5. Restart the terminal server service
      /etc/init.d/knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver stop
      /etc/init.d/knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver start
  5. Other changes
    1. Edit /usr/bin/cpujob, line 36, from
    2. ...